There are opportunities for different skill levels.


First of all, the application is aimed at running with the so-called “digital clay”. You may sculpt things from it practicing a diversity of means. There are practically no analogs to this approach in other cases for 3d modeling and sculpting. Digital sculpting is ideal for creating people, animals, and in general everything organic. A huge set of special brushes helps to achieve maximum realism when generating 3D models. Texture mapping and rendering tools complement the functionality of the application. In extension to traditional production with three-dimensional graphics, pseudo-three-dimensionality, or 2.5D, is used. Due to this unique feature, ZBrush almost does not use the abilities of the video card, which significantly affects the speed of work.


It is the most common engineering design and 3D modeling means. This is where most of the technical elements for 3D printing are produced. A tree-like structure is used to display the process of working on the model. That is, an action is entered within the hierarchy and can be transferred or changed without unnecessary complications.

There is a library of standard components and goods. It includes various parts for various purposes with a broad assortment of parameters. Often, you can:

  • observe the desired object among them;
  • use a standard component as a template for further modification. 

You can link the entire model applying equations, which are brought out in a separate text document. By changing one element in the purpose, the entire pattern will change synchronously.


It is gratitude to her that modern cartoons, games, films are produced. This is sign 1 among similar programs among Hollywood specialists. It is practiced by most animation studios such as Disney, DreamWorks and the Russian Melnitsa. Maya has high system requirements and requires a powerful computer to run. It appeared back in 1998, as a consequence – the instruments perfected for decades.

The program is incredibly flexible. Once you have mastered the built-in scripting style MEL, you can build your means. You may write scripts in Python. There are numerous valuable scripts on the Internet that make life easier for an animator, eliminating unnecessary routine activity. A consequence of this flexibility is that any task in Maya can be accomplished in different ways.


“CINEMA 4D is the most comfortable professional 3D software to apply!” – is modestly stated on the website of the German company MAXON, the developer of this software. This is the principal advantage – it has the most intuitive interface compared to its counterparts. Among other things: Data from Cinema 4D can be easily exported to After Effects and vice versa. Some modules provide access to additional specialized functions and means of the program. It is probable to pick a specific version (the so-called Bundles and Editions). It will contain modules and add-ons for your specific tasks. For instance, to begin with, you can have simply the principal program, and later, as needed, purchase additional modules.


Blender is marketed as an application for designing and writing 3D graphics, rendering, animation, designing network games, and also sculpting. Quite a severe application that needs severe hardware devices, you say. But the first blow the case shows at the step of downloading the connection files – their weight is about 130 MB. 

Although, the developers have succeeded to implement the program with all the essential duties that completely work and show great review. An added benefit is the constant and active development of the set thanks to the expert development team. There are means to produce hair and wool, even fabric simulations. All the most current modeling methods have been implemented.


Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels
Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels