Danny Phillips and Tom Woolley scored 15 points as Armadale Devils beat Kent Royals 47-43 in the National Development League in West Lothian in a meeting which was completed despite the weather.

By Heat 3 the stadium was completely overcast with doom-laden black clouds, and the rain had started, which looked highly ominous but remarkably passed over and left us alone.

The Royals are strong contenders for the National Development League title and although they were missing three of their top riders, they made a real match of it with star man Alex Spooner matching the 15 point returns of both Tom Woolley and Danny Phillips.

Tom Wooley had a 2-minute exclusion but still managed a second off 15 metres in heat 9, and George Rothery failed to get going 4 times before borrowing a bike from the Millars to win heat 14 leaving the Devils 4 ahead going into the last race.

That could have resulted in the Royals going home pointless but Alex Spooner rode a great race to head Woolley and Phillips and gain the point the Royals deserved.