Granny Patricia Quigley is walking 10k to support the Twins Charity on Sunday. She will set out from her home in the city centre, passing the castle and Arthur’s Seat towards Portobello and then returning home.

Patricia has particular knowledge of a medical complication which can affect identical twins, as her daughter Rachel found out about the life-threatening condition when she was expecting her twin boys.

The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a rare condition causing blood flow to be diverted from one twin to the other putting strain on one baby’s heart and affecting growth in the other.

The granny of three said: “We did a lot of research and Twins Trust was a fantastic source of information. As she was pregnant during lockdown we all looked to the charity for support and information about TTTS – because of the website and booklets available we felt we knew what to look out for.

“Rachel became a member of the charity and has benefitted from courses and enjoys reading the magazine.”

Thankfully, Rachel did not have TTTS and while her boys Ben and Ruairi were delivered early and had to spend some time in neo-natal care, they are now bouncing 11-month-olds and the apple of their big brother Finlay’s eye.

“We have no twins in the family so everything was new to us. TTTS is a condition we had never even heard of.

“This is why when I saw the walk advertised to raise money for research into the condition and to support other research projects at the Twins Trust Centre, I jumped at the chance to help.”