Students are one of the most active social groups – they are young and full of enthusiasm. There are all sorts of activities a student can come up with to contribute to the betterment of society, and animal rights club is just one of your options. If that is something you want to roll with, you should approach it with some planning and not just your raw enthusiasm. Students can actually make a real change because they have the time and sheer drive to make that change.

Raise Awareness

Whether you are a freshman or a graduate already, you can raise awareness on the topic by doing some research and presenting it to your peers. Searching for some animal rights research paper topics can get you started. There’s a lot of data on the Internet with PETA and WWF doing annual reports on saving endangered species, protecting animals and working to stop or limit animal testing.

Your own report or a reseach paper can bring more light onto the topic of animal cruelty in your local community. Apart from that, doing presentations about local shelters can encourage people to volunteer or adopt pets into their homes. These seem to be very small actions, however, even little help is valuable and can help protect animal rights.

Gather Your Friends

So, let’s say you have a couple of club ideas for high school, and let’s assume you and your friends all love animals – well, the choice is obvious – you must start an animal rights activist group. This is a noble cause, so you are sure to gather some people around it. It is easier to start it up with friends and then attract more people as you go. Your college or school is filled with people who love animals and are willing to help, so you should just look around and find those people.

Raise Funds

Animal advocacy groups need money, that’s for sure, and you can surely help with that. If you don’t have money to donate yourself, no problem, you can raise some funds using social media or just by spreading word of mouth. You can use your Instagram or Facebook account and spread the word among your subscribers – this will help you get at least some money for the cause.

Promote Veganism

Well, veganism is not for everyone, that’s for sure, and you should not go out of your way to enforce veganism among your friends. However, what you can do is convince your friends to reduce the consumption of animal products. Let’s face it, we eat too much meat and animal products in general, and we do not need that much. If you or someone you know does not want or cannot go vegan, introduce hybrid veganism where the amount of animal products is reduced drastically. If more people tried it, this would help save at least some animals and lift some pressure off the farmlands.

Another helpful idea is promoting vegan food options in your college cafeteria. Of course, with veganism becoming more common in our society, you probably have some vegan foods in your cafeteria already, but it would not hurt to have some more. The academic evidence for the benefits of veganism is quite convincing, which is why it is a good idea to promote it some more.

Host a Movie Night

Writing essays and social media posts are great, and they can make an impressive impact on people, but it is much easier to influence people with the power of visuals. There are tons of great and powerful documentaries on animal cruelty, the impact we produce on the animal world by eating meat, the benefits of veganism, and all that stuff. A good and emotionally powerful movie can give a great lesson to the viewers, so you might want to select a film that can make a real impact.

Wrap Up

As a student, you have all the power to make the right choice, and if you have that passion for helping animals and saving nature, there’s nothing that can stop you. If you have that strong drive to change the world and save the beautiful creatures of this planet, you can start small and move towards achieving that bigger goal. Even in times when your efforts might seem futile, remember you are doing the right thing.