Glencorse anglers have been urging owner Bill Taylor to start evening sessions and he has agreed. They are due to start from Tuesday, July 6 and are scheduled to run until mid-September.

Taylor said: “I had a number of requests from anglers who can’t get to the water at other times because of shifts and other work-related reasons. Also, weekends have been fully booked for some time.”

The evening sessions will be on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and they will start at 5.30pm after the day sessions which finish at 4.30pm.

Taylor added: “That hour will give me time to clean the boats and get them ready for the new customers. The evening sessions will close at 10pm.”

Glencorse has 11 boats (one pictured) at the picture-postcard water above Flotterstone near Penicuik and only opens if three or more boats are booked. That will apply for the evening sessions.

Fishing is by booking only and the owner said: “Catch and release and kill tickets are available for the evening sessions.” Ring 01968 678709 for details.

The water has been fishing well recently with a variety of patterns scoring. Sedge, sedgehogs, CDC on a floating line and sub-surface buzzers, hothead damsel and blobs have been producing quality fish.

Sink tip lines have proved popular with anglers and fish have been tempted all over the 103-acre water which produces best on a west wind.

No anchors are allowed, only drift fishing, but drogues are permitted and Glencorse allows fishing under a bung.

Finally, a proposed friendly competition with two heats and a final has been shelved for administrative reasons.