Cohousing in Southern Scotland (CHOISS) is to make a bid for Comiston Farmhouse, owned by The CIty of Edinburgh Council and which is currently on the market for sale.

If they are successful then this could be one of the first ever cohousing projects in Scotland.

This is a type of home ownership where people want to become neighbours, usually within an environmentally friendly setting and involves a sharing culture such as a common building with a shared kitchen and dining room. It is commonplace in Scandinavia and in North America.

It is not communal living, but there are shared resources including a laundry, garden space, tools and cars.

Comiston Farmhouse sits within an acres of land between Fairmilehead and Oxgangs.

A spokesperson for CHOISS said: “Comiston Cohousing hopes the cohesion and resilience of everyone involved, working together as a group, will achieve our vision. 

“Our plan is to establish a legal entity, such as a co-operative, a company limited by guarantee or a ‘Mutual Home Ownership Society’ which has been piloted by Low Impact Living Affordable Community (LILAC) Cohousing in Leeds. 

“We are in conversation with a Building Society and other sources of potential funding while individual ‘pioneers’ are totting up their savings or getting their homes valued.”

It is expected the council will be setting a closing date for bids around the end of May.