The election debate is all about climate today.

The Scottish Greens says that the stark warnings for politicians from climate strikers must be heard in this election.

With two weeks until the election, Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie will today pay a visit to climate striker 16-year-old Dylan Hamilton, who has spent the last week on a vigil outside Edinburgh’s City Chambers, calling for this to be a climate election.

Dylan is an activist with the Scottish climate strikers as part of the Fridays for Future movement, which Swedish climate striker Greta Thunberg brought to prominence.

#SP2021 Scottish Greens: climate strikers must be heard PHOTO ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter
#SP2021 Scottish Greens: climate strikers must be heard Patrick Harvie sits on the pavement to talk to Dylan Hamilton outside the City Chambers PHOTO ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter

Patrick Harvie said: “What the climate strikers do to raise the threats we all face is humbling, because their generation has been failed by the lack of action from governments. But while they have a right to be angry, they are also determined, because they know that that it isn’t too late to make a difference if we act now.

“Teenagers like Dylan are demanding that we face up to the science that tells us we have less than ten years to turn this around. That’s why it is alarming that all other parties at this election back major road expansions and fail to commit to stopping new oil and gas exploration. It’s time for a green recovery to secure our future. The Scottish Greens have the solutions to the climate emergency, which is why it is time to vote like our future depends on it.”

#SP2021 Scottish Greens: climate strikers must be heard PHOTO ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter