The latest figures detailing the number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 in the 24 hours to 19 April in Scotland are shown below.

There are no daily briefings unless there are major announcements in the coming weeks leading up to the election, but today there is a scheduled briefing which was broadcast on The Scottish Government Twitter Channel.

Last week, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced certain relaxations of restrictions from 16 April and others from the end of April.

From next Monday 26 April further relaxations have now been announced, and the whole of mainland Scotland will be in Level Three. There is a table below prepared by The Scottish Government on what you can and cannot do when Level Three restrictions apply.

These include full reopening of retail and partial reopening of hospitality. On 17 May Scotland is expected to move into Level Two allowing people to meet indoors in small groups with a further move to Level 0 on 7 June.

The First Minister said: “We are very hopeful of seeing sustained progress in the weeks and months ahead.”

As at 11 April 2021, 10,031 deaths were registered in Scotland where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate according to weekly statistics reported by National Records of Scotland. These figures are updated each Wednesday.

The BBC has explained that from 24 March:

  • Live briefings will only be broadcast on BBC One in Scotland when it is expected that “major new information” will be shared – such as a formal review of restrictions
  • If a UK government briefing is broadcast live on BBC One in Scotland, there will be additional coverage so Scottish parties can respond
  • The BBC will consider the significance of the public health information which is expected to be discussed, and requirements on impartiality, when deciding whether to broadcast other government briefings. It is expected that these briefings would be shown on BBC Scotland or the BBC News Channel
  • If a live briefing is led by a Scottish government minister, members of the other main parties will be invited to contribute to the coverage

Special Ofcom rules for broadcasters around impartiality take effect in the lead up to elections in the UK.

DateNewly reported cases of Covid-19Cases in LothianNew testsTest positivity rate (bold denotes days under 3.0% and the highest in recent weeks)Newly reported deathsNumber of deaths according to daily measurementPatients in ICU with confirmed Covid-19Patients in hospital with confirmed Covid-19 (under 500 is in bold)Total number of positive cases since beginning of pandemicNumber of first dose vaccinations administeredNumber of daily vaccinations recorded for previous day with highest daily figure in bold (includes 1st and 2nd doses) Above 30,000 in boldNumber of people who have received their second dose of vaccine
20 April 20211781.4%27,64413106224,0922,750,05242,510797,267
19 April 20212323010,6492.5%07,64214104223,9142,747,69422,158757,115
18 April 20212112615,0971.6%07,642223,6822,744,23133,550738,420
17 April 20212102219,3311.2%27,642223,4712,733,38738,256715,714
16 April 20212041218,1251.4%37,64018109223,2612,722,08440,179688,761
15 April 20212372723,5801.2%17,63716115222,8972,708,69141,273661,975
14 April 20212782924,7941.3%37,63620119222,6602,694,971634,422
13 April 20212212115,3541.6%37,63320133222,3822,682,706605,126
12 April 2021199289,7972.4%07,63021154222,1612,668,72332,444590,174
11 April 20212502615,9161.8%07,630221,9622,657,57831,230568,875
10 April 20212813122,1831.5%47,630221,7122,643,51044,147551,026
9 April 20212853620,7291.6%67,62620168221,4312,625,57741,182524,812
8 April 20213644126,5821.6%17,62021174221,1462,608,83136,036500,376
7 April 20212894622,0931.5%57,61921192220,7822,593,93231,575479,239
6 April 2021259268 (from 28 March to 3 April)14,2682%07,61021196220,4932,577,81619,942463,780
5 April 202124811,3732.5%07,6102,565,28016,760456,374
4 April 202134314,1642.7%07,6102,553,83734,064451,057
3 April 202139721,5602.1%07,610 2,535,88940,542434,941
2 April 202141423,8182.0%2,515,74837,889414,540
1 April 20214007325,9561.8%87,61021215218,4322,493,32742,984399,062
31 March 20215427328,1442.1%67,60221237218,4322,464,06942,984354,756
30 March 202141117,4682.8%12 7,59623250 2,436,39838,752338,443
29 March 20213524412,4563.2%07,58422259217,7492,409,82638,060326,263
28 March 20214228117,6272.6%07,58422264217,1272,385,70944,508312,320
27 March 202156311925,5192.4%67,58426283216,7052,358,80750,875294,714
26 March 20215439424,8862.4%67,57826296216,1422,322,83253,699279,814
25 March 202170115731,9462.4%107,57232310215,5992,285,71150,083263,236
22 March 20213594610,7593.7%07,55233353213,8882,182,40042,368225,096
20 March 20214888519,9472.7%87,55231367212,9972,085,525 207,028
15 March 20214567011,2614.7%07,51040447210,0081,908,99122,201161,945
14 March 20214847516,2613.3%27,51040461209,5521,888,69725,362160,038
9 March 20214666216,3423.3%197,44150614206,4651,789,37719,672123,686
7 March 20213906314,0573.2%07,42161628205,4981,759,750115,930
5 March 2021498733.1%117,409646661,717,67229,064108,197
4 March 20215007124,7232.5%277,39869726204,0551,688,80834,237100,058
2 March 202154210414,5374.4%337,16471784203,0121,634,36184,445
1 March 2021386704.5%07,13171824202,470
Lows and highs prior to 1 March
27 February 202152510619,6153.1%187,12974898201,5121,570,15327,22472,178
4 February 20211,14915927,6684.9%536,3221271,812183,418694,34745,0859,031
Highs and lows in January
7 January 20212,64935711.3%781001,467143,715
31 December 20212,62228,29510.1%68701,174
16 December 20206895.9%38491,03118,644

You can also see the latest numbers laid out visually on the Travelling Tabby website here. It is updated at 3pm daily.

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