One of Edinburgh’s best known businesses has had a makeover in its 125th year and it is unveiling the new look today.

The design retains the signature tartan, but adopts a richer more vibrant range of colours. Created by design agency This Way Up, the look remains very much Nairn’s.

Vicki Willatts, Design Director at This Way Up, says: “Inspired by the rugged Munros of Scotland, the new design captures the textured and layered landscape, communicating all the natural, simple goodness of oats and celebrating the brand’s real roots.

“The colour palette references the rich, vibrancy of the natural landscape, whilst the informal style of real food imagery will inspire consumers to discover and enjoy the simple pleasures of uncomplicated wholesome eating.”

Emma Heath, Head of Marketing at Nairn’s, said: “One of Nairn’s founding principles was for our  products to be simple, natural, wholesome and delicious – a philosophy that still resonates with modern-day consumers and is embraced by Nairn’s loyalists in the UK and further afield.

“We worked extensively with consumer strategists at Map The Territory to better understand the changing health landscape and consumer needs, and this research has provided a solid foundation for the design work which is a significant step forward but still instantly recognisable as Nairn’s.

“The rebrand is designed to take our ever-expanding range of products to an even wider audience by making the brand more visible, modern, and appealing on shelf and highlighting its relevance to today’s healthy eaters as an integral part of their lifestyle, with taste and versatility at its heart.”

The Edinburgh-based firm began in Strathaven in 1896 when John and Sarah Nairn began producing their famous oatcakes. Now the company is aiming to recruit new lovers of the oatcakes in younger consumers. With an emphasis on wellbeing the hope is that the rebrand will position Nairn’s in the lifestyle-led sector.