Heineken want to relieve the apparent boredom of working from home by delivering beer to your window.

Scottish comedian Eleanor Morton could be delivering pints to your window on 8 April.Welcome to the world’s first ‘Wind0.0w Service’, which is on tour to Edinburgh.

Here’s how it works:

All you have to do is ask. You can apply to the ballot for a chance of having a window delivery by visiting www.wind00wservice.com which will go live at 00.01 on Wednesday morning. 

Picture the scene: a home worker is sat in their spare bedroom turned makeshift home office, on yet another video call, when there’s a knock at the window. In place of the normal view outside there’s now a bar suspended in the sky from the arm of a cherry picker, staffed by a celebrity bartender pouring a fresh pint of draught Heineken 0.0.

And who better to staff the cherry picker bar in Edinburgh and bring a smile to people’s faces than comedian, actor and writer Eleanor Morton? 

Eleanor Morton said: “A cherry picker on a bar delivering pints through people’s windows is something I would likely joke about happening in one of my comedy sketches, but it will become a reality as I find myself actually staffing this bar in my hometown! I’m very excited to bring this new service to people working from home, giving them a beer break they deserve after a tough year.”

Matt Saltzstein, Beer Unit Director at Heineken said: “Heineken 0.0 is all about saying ‘now you can’. Now you can enjoy a beer break while working from home with a tasty alcohol-free option. We wanted to bring this message to home workers in a memorable way – and attaching a bar to the end of a cherry picker to create the first ever window service certainly fits the bill. With alcohol-free drinks more popular than ever we can’t wait to put smiles on people’s faces and 0.0 beers in their hands, through their windows!”