There are many alternatives to dairy products, and now McQueens Dairies offer more choice and will deliver them to your door in a glass bottle rather than Tetrapack packaging.

Although the company is best known for dairy products they have also delivered an oat milk option since last year, but after requests from customers for products in more sustainable and reusable glass bottles they have now started to use Oato.

Sales of oat milk have doubled in the past year according to research by Kantar which shows current UK sales of £94.3 million.

Calum McQueen, Operations Director at McQueens Dairies said: “We’ve seen demand for milk supplied in reusable glass bottles, and for oat milk, increasing so we’re pleased to be working with Oato to supply customers with bottled oat milk.  We’ll now be delivering Oato’s oat milk from all twelve of our depots in Scotland and the north of England directly to customers’ doorsteps.”

Carl Hopwood, founder of Oato said:  “We’re delighted to supply Oato through McQueens Dairies, we’re aligned with their mission to delight customers everyday whilst reducing plastic waste.  We’re excited to hear feedback from more households waking up in Scotland and Northern England to a UK made dairy alternative in reusable glass – delivered to their doorsteps before 7am.  The UK grows an abundance of oats and we’re proud Oato is a sustainable dairy alternative made with 100% British oats.”

The company, which also delivers orange and apple juices, fresh eggs and alternative milk products, recently launched a new website designed to give customers direct control of their orders and to allow them to make changes in advance, and to pay directly.