The Scottish Government has increased the number of adults who are allowed to attend parent and baby groups from today.

This is subject to certain conditions, and updated public health advice.

When all children in a group are less than 12 months old, and other health and safety criteria are met, up to ten adults may be present at one time. Where children are over 12 months, the maximum number of adults allowed will remain five.

Announcing the updated guidance at today’s Media Briefing, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said:“We understand the vital importance of parent and baby groups, especially for supporting mental health and wellbeing in the early months after having a baby. That is particularly important just now, as we know the pandemic has the potential to increase stress and anxiety for new mothers.

“We are also, however, trying to keep an extremely infectious virus from spreading and protect the health of families and the wider community.

“I hope that this updated guidance will help us to strike the correct balance. No one wants restrictions in place a moment longer than needed, but until then we are all having to accept circumstances that we would not normally ever want to.”

This will no doubt help Dr Bell’s Family Centre who run a wide range of classes for young children, babies and their parents.