A day out to the V&A in Dundee is never wasted time. At present it is one of two exhibitions in Scotland honouring Dame Mary Quant.

The other is at Dovecot in Edinburgh. If you do make it to Dundee then we have a suggestion for you for somewhere to eat and drink.

V&A Dundee PHOTO ©2020 The Edinburgh Reporter

General Manager of Brasserie Ecosse in Dundee, Nikos Matsikas, has created a retro 60s cocktail, the Gimlet, in honour of the Mary Quant Exhibition which continues at the V&A until January, while his Executive Chef, Scott Cameron, has delved into his old cookery books to recreate a 60s blancmange with an updated twist. Again to honour Dame Mary!

The Gimlet

The Gimlet is made with Crushed ice and lime Sorbet and is made with Tanqueray 10 Gin or Absolut lime vodka. 

Gimlet: 60ml Tanqueray 10 Gin   25ml Fresh lime juice   10ml Midori     Dash agave syrup  

The Brasserie Ecosse Gimlet served in an elegant rocks glass, and the drink is built inside the glass no shaking involved. We add crushed ice and garnish with lime wedge and Cucumber sorbet which dissolves slowly inside drink giving it a very fresh flavour.

The Manhattan

Ingredients for the Manhattan: 60ml Maker Mark 46  20ml Martini Rosso   2 dashes cherry bitters 2 dashes angostura bitters

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass, adding ice last, stir with a bar spoon gently and strain into a martinini glass. Garnish Maraschino Cherry.

And here is the recipe from Executive Chef, Scott Cameron, for a Vanilla Blancmange with Strawberries and Pepper

Brasserie Ecosse, which offers classic French style Brasserie food with a Scottish Twist,  together with cutting edge cocktails, wines and champagnes, is the premier restaurant and bar at Shore Terrace, Dundee.  The 200 seater eatery is home to the famous egg chairs, a champagne wall, metal effect curtains, and an eye catching wall of live moss and succulents.