Christine Jardine MP has criticised the Scottish Government’s decision to delay a low emission zone in Scotland’s capital until May 2022 as ‘far too late’.

It follows the SNP Government decision to hold back the introduction in four of Scotland’s major cities due to Covid-19.

Edinburgh’s LEZ plans involve a two-tier scheme to control air pollution.

But the Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, who has been leading a campaign to improve air quality in her constituency says communities will be bitterly disappointed by the news.

Ms Jardine commented:“This is bitterly disappointing and shows a disregard for what my constituents desperately need.

“We have two of the most polluted roads in Scotland in Queensferry Road and St John’s Road and a frighteningly high level of deaths related to air pollution.

“We need less traffic and a better, more joined up travel scheme so that commuters don’t have to bring their cars into the city.

“It’s been more than two years since I launched a petition to bring a Low Emission Zone to Edinburgh West and, now, we will have to wait another two years while people continue to suffer.

“But it’s not just the Scottish Government at fault the city council needs to come up with an effective and co-ordinated strategy and quickly”.