SlickCast is a fly line coating that has been formulated and developed by the research and development arm of RIO Products with the goal of creating the slickest, most durable fly line on the market.

And, according to Fishers of Penicuik, a leading Lothians-based tackle shop, SlickCast has grabbed the attention of anglers and lines are flying off the shelves.

The lines are claimed to have the lowest amount of friction to have ever been measured in a fly line. This makes it easier to shoot line resulting in longer casts and effortless feeding of slack into extended drag-free drifts.

The formulation also produces an exceptionally tough, durable fly line, with lab tests showing the coating to be 33 per cent more resistant to cracking and over 140 per cent more resistant to abrasion than the next toughest fly line on the market.

The company have now upgraded their RIO Gold, RIO Grand, RIO Perception and Technical Trout products with SlickCast coating.

Simon Gawesworth (pictured), the company’s brand manager, said: “Fly fishers around the world will marvel at the performance increase and extended life span that this new coating gives.”