The Grassmarket Community Project does such good work with those in recovery and people experiencing homelessness, but they are encountering very difficult times as a result of coronavirus.

They have sent out a letter today to as many of their supporters as possible asking for donations. If that is you or if you can help, there is a Go Fund Me page here.

They support their vulnerable members and those experiencing homelessness with social media, phone/video calls, meals and partnerships with other charities.

They are trying hard to maintain a team and keep the Centre open to continue this work.

But much of their income has already disappeared and they have difficulty in seeing how they can keep going without asking for financial help.

So if you or your business has a CSR partnership with charities perhaps you would look at Grassmarket Community Project?

Or you could buy one of their lovely products which Tommy and his team make from disused church pews. They range from tables to chlldren’s toys. Have a look at their site here when you can.

A bug hotel under construction at the Grassmarket Community Project