One angler has been pictured on social media fishing at Polton on the Esk and Musselburgh and District Angling Association have issued fresh advice to anglers.

It says: “To be absolutely clear, all rivers in the Forth District are now closed for fishing until the Government states otherwise. This includes the Esk, North Esk and South Esk and any of their tributaries.

“The frustrating thing about people deciding to flaunt these rules isn’t that fact that they’re going fishing while most others aren’t, it’s the fact that their actions will be the cause of even stricter controls on movement and for an increased amount of time, for everyone.

“Do the right thing and stay at home. The guidance is clear, ESSENTIAL travel only or daily exercise. Fishing is neither of them. Please stay off the river until such times as we are told it’s OK again.”

Meanwhile, anglers were obviously looking forward to starting fishing on the Water of Leith and at Harlaw and Threipmuir reservoirs from April 1, but fishing is banned on both waters because of COVID-19.

Added to that, car parks across Edinburgh and in the Pentland Hills Regional Park are also closed. The key reason for closing all the car parks is to restrict unnecessary travel.

Jessica Morgado, senior natural heritage officer, said angling is not permitted on the Water of Leith on the basis that people would normally have to travel by car which is not deemed as essential travel.

She added: “Please follow this guidance. Hopefully, we can all get back out to enjoy our favourite outdoor activities soon.”

Jim McComb, chairman of Malleny Angling who administer Harlaw and a part of Threipmuir, said: “We all have a commitment to play our part, no matter how difficult or inconvenient that may be. “

McComb said the Government moves were necessary and Malleny Angling fully supports any action, no matter how difficult that may be eliminate the spread of this disease.

He added: “The sooner coronavirus is brought under control the faster we will get back to the sport we love.”