I have a message for Gary Coupland, Anya Scott-Rodgers and Kevin Macleod. It is simple, give me a break.

My wife and I took our three-year-old grand-daughter to see the touring production of Christmas in Toy Town at The Brunton.

She loved the show and talked about it all the way back in the car. Then she insisted the CD we bought was played almost immediately on arriving home.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon dancing and doing the actions she picked up during the show. Basically, I’m exhausted.

So, what better compliment can I pay to the show than to say our grand-daughter is now a fan. Christmas in Toy Town was a hugely-enjoyable show lasting 90 minutes with a 15 minute interval.

Gary, who was the music man for The Singing Kettle for 32 years, Kevin, Anya and Bonzo the Dog, injected real energy into the performance which centred around the mischievous Gnorbert the Gnome.

He pinched everyone’s favourite things including Santa’s favourite teddy. I’ll not spoil the plot, but Fun Box has gone from strength to strength since forming in March 2015.

On this occasion, we enjoyed antics and traditional songs including The Grand Old Duke of York and Jingle Bells. There was also new material and a visit from Santa.

Boys and girls, plus some parents, dressed up for the show, and audience participation, not just from the kids, was a major part of the experience.

Thankfully, it is time for bed in our household as even the three-year-old is tired.

Tomorrow, I have little doubt that the CD will be back on and we’ll relive the show.

Let’s hope Santa brings some pressies that allow my grand-daughters’ attention to be diverted, allowing me to relax and get my feet up. Christmas in Toy Town is currently taxing me to the full.