SGB Championship, play-off Grand Final, first-leg: Leicester Lions 51, Glasgow Tigers 39

Glasgow Tigers must claw back a 12-point deficit in Tuesday’s SGB Championship, play-off Grand Final, at The Peugeot Ashfield Stadium if they want to land the silverware.

The ambitious Scots can thank Rasmus Jensen for keeping them in the tie against SGB Championship winners Leicester Lions as he collected a 15-point maximum by winning his five races.

Craig Cook (pictured), Glasgow’s skipper, disappointed with only six points but best for Lions was former Glasgow star Richard Lawson who was riding as a guest and collected 11 points.

Overall, Glasgow skidded to a 51-39 defeat at Leicester and they were behind all the way.

Glasgow were reeling after being hit by back-to-back 5-1 scorelines in Heats Two and Three.

That put the success-hungry Scots 13-5 behind and another 5-1 in the fifth race increased the deficit to 21-9.

A 4-2 for Leicester in Heat Eight saw the gap increase to 31-17 but a 4-2 for Glasgow in Heat 11 closed the gap to 39-27.

But 4-2 scorelines for the home side in races 12 and 14 made the gap 50-34 before a 5-1 for the visitors in the final race helped cut the gap.