by Christine Jardine MP Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West

The summer recess is meant to be a calmer time for MPs. It gives us chance to spend more time meeting constituents without being distracted by the rough and tumble of Westminster politics. But with a hard-line Brexiteer cabinet in charge, hell bent on bypassing parliament to take us out of the EU without a deal, this summer has felt somewhat more unsettled than usual. 

I continue to believe passionately that the best deal for the UK is the deal we have right now as a full member of the EU, and that’s why I’ve been fighting to stop Brexit for more than three years.

In this moment of national emergency, the Liberal Democrats stand ready to work with anyone to stop no-deal, and to put the question back to the people. To do this we desperately need to remove Boris as PM and install a government of national unity, led by an MP who is respected on both sides of House of Commons and can command a majority without seeking to lead a government in the long-term. 

This autumn will be turbulent, but if we want to weather the storm, now is truly the time for working together.