by Ben Macpherson MSP

Short-term letting, through platforms such as Airbnb, is increasingly causing concern in Leith, with the consequences becoming more and more evident.

I know from speaking to many local people that there is growing worry and anxiety about the damage that an overconcentration and excessive number of short-term let properties can cause.

And that’s why I was delighted to hear the First Minister’s announcement at the SNP conference in Edinburgh in April that there will be a new public consultation to control the number of short-term lets and ensure that the owners of these properties contribute to the services they use.

The Scottish Government are proposing a national framework that provides a menu of discretionary powers. This way City of Edinburgh Council will be able to implement measures appropriate to our city, to respond to our local conditions and concerns. This online consultation runs until 19 July 2019 and can be found here 

I would encourage anyone who has concerns about short-term letting to please respond to this consultation.

Ben Macpherson Pic – Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament