One of the new shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe is Something About Simon – a celebration of the life and musical talent of legendary American singer songwriter Paul Simon.

The man behind the show, Gary Edward Jones, has revealed the lengths he has gone to create the new show, studying the life, music and lyrics of Paul Simon.

A natural storyteller, Liverpudlian Gary weaves together songs and stories that cross the Atlantic from New Jersey to the North West of England. He traces the sometimes-poignant moments in Paul Simon’s life and career that occasionally mirror his own.

Jones explained the creative process behind the new show:

“After studying Paul Simon for the past three years, I do feel I could now pick up the phone and have a conversation with him. Given the amount of research and playing I’ve done, he seems like a friend now more than a hero. I totally respect him as a songwriter. It’s only when you study someone this deeply that you get to understand what makes this person tick and just how good they really are. I’d now go as far as saying that Paul Simon is an absolute genius!

I would probably describe the show as an authentic perspective of Paul Simon’s life through music and spoken word. I’ve always felt the show should have a narrative running throughout which knits the songs together. I chose all the songs to run chronologically so we could work our way through the years and watch Paul grow as a person and a songwriter, and I feel people have understood that well. And when I say authentic, I mean that I really have spent two of the three years studying the songs and the delivery.”

Gary added: “It’s been wonderful learning these beautiful songs and discovering the man behind the music. I’ve taken a lot of care and time putting the show together so if the man himself came along, I’d like to think he could sit there and reminisce, and maybe even bring a tear to his eye. It is, without a doubt, the best artistic experience I’ve ever had. It’s become a real labour of love – and I am excited to share Something About Simon with audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019.”

Something About Simon is brought to audiences by producers Bill Elms, Jon Fellowes and Gary Edward Jones of Something About Productions, with artistic direction by Gareth Tudor Price.

Music highlights include classic ballads like The Sound of Silence, America, Kathy’s Song and Bridge Over Troubled Waters, to the more upbeat Me And Julio, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover and Wristband.

Something About Simon is not a tribute show. It is one musician authentically honouring the music of another, utilising all the tools at his disposal.

Something About Simon will be performed at Studio 1 at the Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, Edinburgh from 31 July to 26 August 2019 at 3.35pm. Tickets here