Commenting after the emergency session of the UK Cabinet on the Brexit deal ended earlier this evening, Scotland for a People’s Vote – which is campaigning for a UK-wide referendum on the deal with the option to remain in the EU – said that the “credible alternative to this half-baked deal is a People’s Vote”.

John Edward said: “This half-baked deal would be bad for Scotland and our vital interests.

“The UK would be relegated to being a rule taker from Brussels rather than a rule maker in Europe, which would be vastly worse than the benefits Scotland has as an integral part of the EU.

“For example, access to European markets would be dependent on granting access to European fishing fleets, so the promises made to the fishing industry would be rendered null and void.

“The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has said that anything less than the fulfilment of the prime minister’s promises to the fishing industry “makes ‘no deal’ a more attractive option”, which is hardly a ringing endorsement.

“A choice between this deal and no deal is no choice at all.

“The only credible alternative to this half-baked deal is a People’s Vote – as supported by the Scottish Parliament last week – which is a democratic opportunity for Scotland’s wish to stay in Europe to be respected.

“Tonight and over the coming days, MPs must ask themselves: is this better than the deal we’ve already got inside the EU? If they cannot look their constituents in the eye and say it is, they must vote this deal down and then hand the final decision back to the people.”