Friends of Saughton Park have asked for help in finding the person or persons who caused damage to the train in the play park.

It appears to have been set on fire.

Millions have been spent on the park and the play park. When I was last at Saughton there were tens of children and their parents in the park, all enjoying the new facilities.

Can we find whoever did this damage?

On Facebook there have been many comments, some which we might not repeat in full here, but which we understand completely.

One comment said : Awful. Hope they catch them and make them pay for the damage. There are in the park at night drinking. Police should be checking.

Friends of Saughton Park said : “We are trying to get funding for CCTV for the whole park – please contact your local councillor to help support us.”

The council say they will be able to repair the train rather than replacing the whole piece of equipment.

Transport and Environment Vice Convener, Councillor Karen Doran, said: “This kind of a behaviour is completely unacceptable and it’s a real shame that someone has chosen to do such damage to this fantastic playpark, which was made possible thanks to the hard work of volunteers, along with the Saughton Park Project.

“This scheme aims to provide a welcoming and enjoyable space for the community but as a result of vandalism children will be deprived of newly-installed, accessible play equipment. I would encourage anyone with any information on this incident to contact the Police.”

The train at Saughton Park has been vandalised. Photo courtesy of Friends of Saughton Park