There are many good reasons why a baby box is a good idea, and now the Scottish Government has been handing them out to newborns and their parents for a year. 

But we wonder if you know about this particular item included in the box? The Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) has devised a music app. The ASTAR app is available for new parents to begin their music journey with their new baby.

Astar is Gaelic for journey and the RSNO hope that babies will enjoy music throughout their lives, and that parents enjoy singing and clapping along with the tracks available on the app.

They suggest putting it on in the background as you go about your daily routine, feeding, bathing and putting your baby to sleep. They also encourage new parents to hum along and play with the baby in time to the music.

Finally they say that ‘a love of music will not only give your child a lifetime of pleasure, it may also encourage them to participate in music, sing or learn an instrument and this has been proven to have huge benefits for children and young people.’

The RSNO Astar app is available for iOS and Android