I bottled out but thousands love the buzz from this bridge over the sea in Ireland. Picture Nigel Duncan Media

The Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge on The Antrim coast in Northern Ireland is only 66ft long, but it was a bridge too far for me. However, tens of thousands from all parts of the globe cross it every year.

It is thought that salmon fishermen first built the bridge over 350 years ago and it is 98ft above the rocks below.

The bridge has two handrails and there are large gaps between the slats. I looked down and that, plus the swinging motion, was enough for me.

It is owned and maintained by the National Trust and is open all the year round, subject to the weather.

Eight people can cross at one time and for those with bottle it is fun. My two female colleagues sailed over and got a certificate to prove they had made the crossing.

They were all smiles while I considered what might have been. I didn’t want to be one of the visitors who walked over and could not walk back.

They send a rescue boat for you. How embarrassing. The bridge is in an area of exceptional, cliffside beauty with views of Rathlin Island and even Scotland, on a clear day.

It is also only a few minutes from the Giants Causeway, known world-wide, and the two centre trip is a good day out. Trust me we did it and enjoyed the experience.

Travel to and from Ireland with P&O Ferries and Stena Line and we stayed at The Ballygally Castle.