Edinburgh Airport has launched a noise consultation today which runs till 2 April 2018.

They say they are encouraging airlines to use the quietest aircraft and they continue to talk with local communities.

Now members of the public and community councils, or anyone else with an interest can have their say on the Noise Action Plan which is now due for an update. Such plans have to be brought up to date every five years, and this one will cover the period to 2023.

Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport, Gordon Dewar said: “We know that noise can impact on those communities who live next to or near Edinburgh Airport and we have always been mindful of that, working with them to mitigate that as much as possible.

“We want to work with our communities and local groups to manage aviation related noise at the airport and the input they have will help us finalise our draft plan together.

“To ensure this plan takes into account the operational requirements of the airport as well as those concerns from local communities, I encourage those with an interest in noise at Edinburgh Airport to take the chance to help shape our plans by taking part in this consultation.”

The consultation is here.