Max Clegg hoping to be fit for Sunday at Peterborough

Edinburgh Monarchs hope two crocked riders will be fit for Sunday’s final SGB Championship fixture of the season (tapes-up 5pm) at Peterborough Panthers.

Max Clegg and Mitchell Davey both missed the National League Riders Championship on Sunday despite previously Clegg riding at Armadale against Ipswich last Friday and Davey for Stoke Potters at home to Mildenhall and Kent on Saturday.

Clegg explained: “After Rory Schlein parked in front of me in Heat 8 on Friday and I took a bit of a tumble I hurt my wrist. “There was a bit of blood on it when the medics were looking at it but I was determined to carry on and the adrenaline made that possible.

“I couldn’t really hold on in my last two races but I knew how important it was.
After the meeting I had no power in my wrist and, when it didn’t get better the next day, I knew I couldn’t ride at Leicester.”

He added: “I’ve made a good recovery now and I’ve managed to pick up a guest booking at Lakeside on Friday just to make sure everything will be OK for Peterborough on Sunday.”

Davey was riding in a double-header at Stoke on Saturday and after coming through the first match against Mildenhall he took a heavy fall in Heat 10 of the second match against Kent.

He said: “The track was a bit patchy and I did a 360 turn on the first bend.
“Although I got a bit of control again I took quite a heavy fall. I actually took two more rides in the meeting and won them both and afterwards even prepared my bike for Leicester the next day but I wasn’t feeling too good.

“I went along to the local hospital to make sure everything was OK. They confirmed no damage but suggested that I take a few days rest.

“So, instead of racing at Leicester on Sunday afternoon I was tucked up in bed resting. I didn’t have a choice really as I didn’t feel capable of doing anything else.”