Have you ever tried to lose weight but found that diets don’t really work – and you blame your lack of willpower? Or you really want to give up smoking but, again, find that nothing works? Are the words ‘I’ve tried but I just can’t do it’ familiar to you?

Do you feel your self-esteem is quite low in these difficult times and you are lacking in confidence? Perhaps you have an important presentation to make, or job interview looming or have an exam to take and you think your self-confidence could do with a boost.

Perhaps you have a phobia with a fear of spiders, wasps etc or you’re in desperate need of a holiday – but can’t face flying? Do you feel despair because you think nothing helps?

Well, a hypnotherapy practice based in Edinburgh may be able to help. Mind Generating Success can show you a perfectly natural process to overcome issues such as these mentioned above. And the beauty is that hypnotherapy – the power of the mind – can help you thanks to your mind power!

The reaction of many people when I tell them I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist is somewhat inevitable. They wear a look of surprise, there’s an audible gasp and a somewhat predictable ‘oh, look into my eyes’ reaction whilst waving their fingers in my direction. Given television shows such as Back in the Room on ITV, this is no real surprise. Hypnotherapists can be perceived as magical wizards who sit in a therapy chair dangling a swinging watch, putting people into a trance like state where they lose all control. In reality, hypnotherapists can help people transform their lives – and the client is fully aware and in control at all times.  And if I tell you just how many different issues hypnotherapy can help with you may be surprised.

Hypnosis is an altered and heightened state of awareness that is sometimes referred to as a trance state. Most of us slip in and out of trance states throughout the day in everyday life. Has anyone ever said to you ‘Hey – you’re away in a dream!’ in an attempt to get your attention? When you day-dream you are at your most relaxed and comfortable. This is often when the best ideas ‘pop’ into your mind – they certainly do in my case!

You may be aware there are two parts to the mind, the conscious and the subconscious. Many therapists use the term ‘unconscious’ instead of ‘subconscious’, and many describe the workings of the mind in great detail. My explanation is very simple:

The Conscious

You are aware and in the present with your conscious mind. It’s the part of your mind that reasons and makes decisions and choices. It acts as a filter to thoughts and suggestions, deciding whether to keep them in the forefront of your mind, or put them ‘on hold’, or to dismiss them altogether. When a thought or suggestion is put ‘on hold’, it goes straight to the subconscious where it is filed away.

The Subconscious

The subconscious is a container for your thoughts. Amongst other things, it houses all the information your conscious gives it to store, like memories and things it can’t deal with immediately.

Unlike stage show hypnotists, during hypnotherapy you are fully conscious and aware at all times. You will never be asked to do anything you don’t want to do – so there will be no flapping around the room believing you are a chicken! You are in control and hypnotherapy sessions give you time for you and no one else; a chance to indulge in the freedom that having time to yourself give you.

Okay, I hear you ask. What can hypnotherapy do for me?

Well, that depends on you. Hypnotherapy gives you time for one of the most important things in your life – you. With relaxing techniques tailored to suit you, you will feel calmer, more relaxed and have a better understanding of your life, needs and aspirations as well as others.

So, dear reader, if you are someone who wants to lose some weight or stop smoking but find your willpower evaporates after a few weeks; if you feel a distinct lack of self-esteem or self-confidence; if you are someone who has a phobia whether this is of spiders, wasps, general ‘creepy-crawlies’; or even if you’re thinking about going on holiday to sunnier climes but have a fear of flying – contact me to arrange an appointment. After a no obligation initial consultation, we can decide together the best way to enable you to achieve your goals.

The cost of a consultation is just £10 and this is deducted from the cost of your first session. Sessions are £60; for smoking cessation – which is usually a single session –  it’s £95.

Phone or text me on 07521353787 (24 hours) to arrange a date and time for an initial consultation or email me at: mike.smith@mgs-hypnotherapy-services.co.uk

Evening and weekend appointments are available. Home visits are available by arrangement.

Whether you wish to stop smoking, lose weight, increase self-confidence or overcome a phobia why don’t you contact me to arrange a consultation and take the first step to overcoming this by natural methods – the strength and power of your mind – by contacting me for further information.

We have but one life – so why not try and change your life for the better?

Mike Smith Hyp CS

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