Weight loss.
Smoking cessation.
Panic attacks.
Phobias such as fear of spiders, fear of flying.

All unwanted habits. But all these issues have been successfully dealt with through the life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy.

The Edinburgh Reporter’s Mike Smith runs Mind Generating Success, a successful hypnotherapy practice in the west end of Edinburgh.

Hypnotherapy can help replace your unwanted habits with healthier ones. And the great thing is, you are in charge! You are fully awake and completely in control. All you have to do is sit back and listen to Mike putting suggestions to your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, calm process which can bring about the necessary behavioural changes to help you achieve your goals.

Hypnotherapy isn’t like the stage show hypnotists. You’re not put to sleep. So there’s no chance of you leaping around the room thinking you’re a chicken!

Here’s what a recent client, Christine, had to say about Mind Generating Success after she came about stopping snacking:

“I have had 4 sessions now with Mike and, seriously, I saw changes after just one session. I am now over 8lbs lighter in one month. I no longer “snack” or eat chocolate when “bored” or “stressed”. Also, I’ve found Mike has promoted more positive thoughts in my life, I seem to be more relaxed. I was snacking on chocolate at night times, after tea, after work, sitting on the sofa watching tv, I seriously DO NOT do this anymore, it’s not a struggle, I simply do not think about it. I can’t recommend Mike enough, I only wish I had met him before spending all the money I have previously on diets. Mike has trained my subconscious mind to eat healthy, no more snacking. Don’t pass this guy by, he’s the answer. Give him a call today.”

The number of sessions depends on how well it works but many clients have stopped their unwanted habits after just a few sessions. Smoking cessation is usually a one-off session.

If you want to do as Christine suggests contact me on 07521 353 787 or email mike.smith@mgs-hypnotherapy-services.co.uk to arrange an initial discussion. Evening appointments available, home visits by arrangement.

There’s a special offer for readers of The Edinburgh Reporter – 10% off every session! Just quote ER2018 when making an enquiry.

If you interested in losing weight, stopping smoking, reducing anxiety or have a phobia such as a fear of spiders, mice, insects, dogs or cats – or you have a fear of flying – contact Mike Smith today for an initial consultation. Tel: 07521 353 787; email: mike.smith@mgs-hypnotherapy-services.co.uk

More information is available here.

Welcome to the new you!