Dogs Trust West Calder’s newest residents is also one of its oldest; a 15-year-old German Shepherd cross named Zac who is the oldest dog currently being cared for by the charity.  Zac came into the care of Dogs Trust West Calder through no fault of his own as his owners were no longer fit enough to look after him. Canine carers are hoping to find this golden oldie a suitable retirement home quickly.

He may be an older gentleman but Zac is still young at heart, loves going outside to explore, meeting other dogs and adores human companionship. In human years Zac’s age is around an astonishing 105 and staff believe it is his lust for life that keeps him young. Zac is the best example of an older dog as he loves his food, home comforts and being taken out in the car for walks.

Susan Tonner, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust West Calder, said: “We are desperate to find Zac a loving home where he can spend his retirement years as he is such a loveable soul who dotes on everyone he meets. Although canine carers provide the best possible care, nothing compares to having a family that will continue to enrich Zac’s life.

“He might need to take things a bit slower due to his older age but he still has the spirit of a young dog and will always be the perfect companion. Zac can live with other dogs and doesn’t mind being left on his own for short periods.”

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. If you can offer Zac a loving retirement home, please get in touch with Dogs Trust West Calder on 0300 303 0292 or visit