Camilla Whitehill and Longsight Theatre's Mr Incredible
Camilla Whitehill and Longsight Theatre’s Mr Incredible

Who wouldn’t want to spend time with someone awarded the sobriquet “Mr Incredible” by his creator? Admittedly, when the audience at Underbelly Cowgate first encounter Adam, he’s throwing up into a plant pot. But he’s good looking.

He tells us as much himself. And he’s funny. Or at least, funny enough. When you’re as good looking as Adam is, you don’t have to be that funny. There’s no way he should be slumming it with the saddos at singles night. So why isn’t he still with Holly? He loves Holly. He deserves Holly. Doesn’t he?

As written by Camilla Whiteford and performed by Alistair Donegan in this single-hander, Adam is funny. He gets some good laughs from the audience. A number of the early laughs come from his apparent self-awareness.

Then, as the show progresses, it’s an apparent lack of self-awareness that generates the humour, and something less comfortable, too. Director Sarah Meadows’ efficient set and quick costume adjustments, together with Benedict Taylor’s sound design, allow us to spend elongated time in Adam’s company and get to know him better. Meanwhile, the writer and performer sketch in his world and a cast of characters through lively description and recollection.

Readers of Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test might find that they recognise something in the multi-faceted character Whiteford and Donegan have created. His easy charm makes for good company. But are his childhood stories and admitted weaknesses indicators of something more to warm to, or are they weapons in a charm offensive?

You might not want to marry Mr Incredible, but you won’t regret spending an hour with him during this year’s Fringe.

Mr Incredible, Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61), 9-15 and 17-28 Aug | 16:40-17:40 £10/£9 (Concs)



  1. I think this play was fairly average. There were some very weak aspects like the wonky set and the mimed talking. Overall the play was not that badly written but it started off with a guy who we could tell was a complete idiot and ended with a guy who was a complete idiot and criminal. The woman in front of me at the end turned to her friend and said ‘well we all knew that was going to happen after the first five minutes’. She was right. It was really a three star show.

    But we do see this man a lot in life. I heard from a friend that an actor had recently turned to an actress on stage and screamed ‘**** off’ in her face. This wasn’t in the script, nobody knew it was going to happen, it was just a misogynistic man displaying his white privilege over a woman in a violent way. That’s who this character is.

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