The City of Edinburgh Council have published guidelines for local residents who can now apply to have their street temporarily closed off from traffic as part of the pilot Playing Out scheme.

The scheme will enable children to play safely and take part in community organised events on their own streets. The pilot will run through the school summer holidays and will end in October.

Playing Out is a national organisation which encourages residents of cities all around the country to pressure their local authorities into allowing for temporary closures of residential streets for the benefit of children and families.

The organisation’s website lists the benefits of street playing, explaining that “it is vital for their physical and emotional development and for their social learning”.

Speaking about the news that Edinburgh Council have adopted this pilot, Thomas Lynch, national development manager of the organisation, said: “We are really pleased that Edinburgh Council have launched this pilot, and glad they have listened to us and other parents in Edinburgh.  It’s a good first step and we are happy to help anyone understand the process of applying for a street closure.”

Residents who are interested in setting up a Playing Out date must first get consent from at least 70% of the residents on their street before applying to the council for street closure.

A full list of the guidelines can be found here.