Sandy Batho was keen to meet The Edinburgh Reporter at the Zoo where he is a Board director. He also lives in the constituency where the zoo and animal conservation are two of his passions.

As an HR director he believes that many of the skills he has developed in his roles for big businesses will stand him in good stead in politics.

“My main interest is in ensuring that there are good economic prospects in the constituency. The backbone of much of our policy is to ensure tat there is a vibrant economy. We need to eliminate the deficit. If we don’t have that then good public expenditure cannot be provided.

“It is good that we have Edinburgh Airport in this constituency for example. It has developed well in recent years since the very small place it was when I first visited it. It now connects continents and that growth is to be applauded.

“We also have the HQ of RBS in Edinburgh Western. The financial sector has taken a huge knock in recent times but I think it is right that we support this major financial institution.”

Listen to our interview with him here:

#SP16 Sandy Batho Scottish Conservatives from Phyllis Stephen on Vimeo.