At just after half past ten the first ballot boxes arrived from Edinburgh Pentlands in an unmarked white van, closely followed about five minutes later by the boxes from Edinburgh Western.

The security is tight around all these boxes. They are all sealed before leaving the polling station and then accompanied by two people on their way to the count, which this year is taking place at the Royal Highland Showground at Ingliston. There is an agricultural whiff in the air!

Photographers and TV crews jostled for position to get the best shot of the first van arriving with a couple of boxes in the back. It is a slick operation, and the security crew are well used to dealing with such a precious cargo.

The photographers are all used to the shots too, since this is the third time they have been at election counts in Edinburgh in recent years. 2011 was the last Scottish election, followed in 2014 by the Scottish Independence Referendum and now the Scottish Parliamentary election. The procedure under the guidance of the Chief Returning Officer, the Chief Executive of the City of Edinburgh Council is now well-known.

The boxes are then taken to the specific area in the hall where counting staff have been waiting for them. They are counted and recounted and it is expected that the first result will not be announced until about 3:00am.

In the Media Centre journalists from all the major newspapers are assembled ready to bring you the news as and when it happens. Downstairs in the hall there is a media podium for broadcasters ready to conduct interviews as soon as results are announced.

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