Roxy after

An East Lothian man who allowed his two dogs to become half their ideal weight has been convicted following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

Dean Ross, 30, of Caponhall Road, Tranent, was sentenced at Haddington Sheriff Court on 17 December. At a previous appearance, Ross pled guilty to failing to provide veterinary attention and a wholesome diet for his two Weimaraner dogs. Ross was given a life ban on owning animals and a 200 hour community payback order, to be completed within nine months.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Inspector Emma Phillips said, “We were alerted when Ross’ female Weimaraner named Roxy was handed into another animal charity and they took her to a vets due to her poor body condition.

“Roxy was emaciated and weighed just 18kgs, which is half the weight she should have been. She had no muscle mass and all her bones were clearly visible.

“A blood test revealed no underlying health issues, confirming her weight loss had been caused by a lack of food.

“We were advised a second dog named Dexter had recently died at Ross’ property and was buried in the back garden. We arranged for Dexter’s body to be exhumed so a post mortem could be carried out.

“Dexter was severely emaciated and had protein-energy malnutrition, likely caused by a lack of food. The vet advised it would have taken several months for him to reach this stage.

“We are pleased Ross has received a lifetime ban on owning animals following our investigation.

“While tragically it was too late for Dexter, Roxy made a full recovery in our care and has since found a loving new home where she is doing well.”

Photograph by Scottish SPCA