IR20140904YES9A little bit of California arrived in Caledonia as a giant Yes, similar to the Holywood Hills sign, was emblazoned on the Pentland Hills.

The sign is 20 metres in height and 65 metres in length and can be seen from Fife. It has been nailed down with more than 300 pegs and it will be visible to planes on approach to and departure from Edinburgh International Airport.

Yes supporter and Business for Scotland member, Peter De Vink is the person responsible for the sign and he hopes it inspires Scots to ‘reach for the stars’.

Peter de Vink  said: ‘A Yes vote is the opportunity of a lifetime. We may not enjoy the weather of Hollywood in Scotland but the stars are aligning for a more prosperous and fairer Scotland. When I heard the Yes sign on the Pentlands was removed, I decided to put up a much larger one to remind the voters of Scotland what’s possible if we are ambitious and reach for the stars.

‘I hope those that see the Yes sign from a far and above contemplate what might be possible if decisions about Scotland’s future are taken by those who care most about Scotland – the people who live and work here.’

Blair Jenkins said: ‘If our supporters are looking for a sign other than the improving polls that we’re closing the gap on No, then maybe this one will provide them with added inspiration as they pound the streets with the Yes message.’

Mr De Vink represents Midlothian East Ward of Midlothian Council as an Independent councillor.


Photos Ian Rutherford