Team Strident

A team of female councillors have raised £3,000 by ‘walking the walk’ in June to raise funds for cancer charity.

Councillors Vicki Redpath, Joanna Mowat, Deidre Brock, Cathy Fullerton, Lesley Hinds and Norma Austin-Hart got together to form Team Strident earlier in the year and practiced hard walking the city streets before undertaking the challenge. Some of Team Strident formed a relay team and completed 6 miles each and others completed the half-marathon in the Moonwalk Edinburgh which took place on a slightly damp June night. We caught the happy bunch outside the City Chambers just before Thursday’s council meeting.

The Moonwalk Edinburgh raises money for breast cancer charities. Those who take part are mainly female and are invited to wear their bras,  decorated with anything from sequins and ribbons to diamonds and jewels. This year the streets of Edinburgh were transported back to the Swinging Sixties when after months of training, thousands of women and men wearing brightly decorated psychedelic bras Power Walked through the streets of the capital at midnight.

Organised by grant-making breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk, The MoonWalk Edinburgh Scotland has raised in excess of £15.7 million since 2006, with most of the money being granted in Scotland, to help improve the lives of people with cancer.

The organisers said that this year’s theme “Psychedelic Extravaganza”  inspired the creation of many “far-out” Flower Power bras.

Walk the Walk have supported Maggie’s Centres across Scotland and the Breast Cancer Institute in Edinburgh.

The walkers started their challenges from Walk the Walk’s huge Pink Tent at its new venue of Leith Links. Uniting against breast cancer, many iconic buildings across the city were lit pink on the night, giving the walkers a huge collective hug. Amongst others, Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Yacht Britannia and Lloyds on The Mound basked in a pink glow!