Edinburgh’s The Machine Room return with their first single since last year’s well-received Love From A Distance EP.

Since then the five-piece have played a string of notable gigs around the country, sharpening their teeth as both songwriters and a live act.

And ‘Sweden’ is the fruit of these labours. With synths so sweet they could be being played by angels, the song kicks off with a dream-like zest. Lead singer John Bryden’s vocals sound as good here as they ever have on record, fading in with a ghost-like delicacy that is as elusive as it is engaging.

But this is no introverted ballad. Adie Emanuel’s driving drums propel ’Sweden’ throughout, adding metronomic menace to raise the song to even higher ethereal excesses. Layer upon shimmering layer build towards the song’s towering chorus, which Bryden finally unleashes from atop of Ryan Marinello’s transcendent rifts.

Dripping in elemental ecstasy, ‘Sweden’ is as fine a slice of indie-electro to come out of Edinburgh for many a year. Producing music that sounds like TOY on Prozac, the Machine Room are more hypnotic than the Pied Piper. With single’s of this quality it won’t be long before the entire city is dancing to their tune.

‘Sweden’ is available form iTunes NOW – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sweden-single/id633129971