A nightclub licensee who allowed customers to continue drinking on his premises, despite being too drunk, has been convicted.

John Allison was found guilty of the licence offence at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday 27th April following a number of alcohol-related disturbances at the former Lava/Ignite club in West Tollcross.

The 45-year-old was the Designated Premises Manager on the 15th October 2011 when a number of patrons exited in an excessively intoxicated state.

As a result, police and ambulance were required to deal with unruly crowds, assaults and medical issues relating to over-consumption of alcohol.

Mr Allison was issued with a £1000 fine and must now declare his conviction to the relevant licensing authority, if and when he is in charge of any other licensed premises.

Inspector Alun Williams said: “Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe and reducing the harmful effects of alcohol.

“There is a common link between violent crimes and alcohol consumption, not to mention the health implications associated with drinking to excess.

“Licence holders have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their staff and patrons and John Allison neglected his duties by allowing overly intoxicated customers to remain within the club in October 2011.

“His conviction was the culmination of extensive partnership work by police in Edinburgh, the Licensing Board, City of Edinburgh Council and other partners to prove that as DPM, he was personally accountable for the events of that evening.

“Alcohol-related crime will not be tolerated and Police Scotland will look for similar convictions against licensees found to be responsible for similar offences.

“The public is asked to assist with our efforts to tackle crimes of this nature by drinking responsibly and ensuring their evening does not end in the wrong way.”