There was an impressive opening ceremony at the new Tai Chi centre on Marionville Road yesterday. Formerly used as a car garage, the premises are now refurbished and cleaned  with a lot of elbow grease to provide a base for the organisation in Scotland.

There were about 600 or so Tai Chi enthusiasts in the building along with several councillors, including the Deputy Lord Provost, Deidre Brock. Councillor Ron Cairns performed his Superman impersonation by removing his shirt to reveal a Tai Chi T-shirt underneath to much applause.

Justice Minister and local MSP, Kenny MacAskill said :-“As a local resident I know this place very well. I would like to thank you on behalf of the Scottish Government for what you have done to this building. I will be taking the news back to the First Minister that today I have fed the lion!” The VIP guests had to feed lettuce to the lion to awaken him after his long sleep… There was also a dragon which danced around the forecourt and inside the building providing a very colourful display.

Councillor Steve Burgess said:-“I greatly appreciated the warmth of the reception at the opening of the new centre. It was fascinating to learn more about Tai Chi and it’s benefits for health and well being. The centre is apparently the largest in Europe and will be a real asset to the City and our residents.”

Councillor Cameron Rose said:-“It was an impressive gathering of over 600 people from all over the UK and beyond.  I was particularly interested in the emphasis on the health benefits of Tai Chi.  The Taoist Tai Chi Society who have chosen to expand in Edinburgh and I welcome them and their many international guests to the city.”