We reported to you yesterday that there were some burst water mains across the city.

Today a Scottish Water spokesperson said:




“Scottish Water experienced an issue with a faulty valve that resulted in a number of burst water mains across south and central Edinburgh in the early hours of Thursday morning.




“The faulty valve resulted in higher pressure than normal in some mains and this caused them to burst. Scottish Water’s local operations team reconfigured the network so there was water getting to as many properties as possible. There may have been low pressure or loss of supply for a short time for some customers, and some roadworks or excavations as we reinstated roads and pavements.




“We have several squads around the city reinstating roads and pavements. We aim to complete repairs by this evening Friday 18th May.




“We want to apologise to our customers for this inconvenience. The vast majority of local people would have seen no difference to their water supply.”