The latest news is that the pandas have not successfully mated this year.

Edinburgh Zoo’s spokesperson said a short time ago:- “Results in late last night saw a drop in Tian Tian’s hormones and then limited breeding behaviour was seen in both pandas this morning. As a result Tian Tian and Yang Guang were not put in together today. Edinburgh Zoo can announce that the panda breeding season for 2012 has now come to an end and both pandas are back on display.”

Tian Tian

 The giant pandas, a male, Yang Guang, and female, Tian Tian, arrived in December 2011, amid huge anticipation that there might be baby pandas soon.

Unfortunately this is not to be, so we will all have to be patient and wait for next year.

Yang Guang


  1. This is obviously disappointing for all involved but I would say that Edinburgh Zoo has played PR blinder. This story has been broadcast across the globe for days and will only make Sunshine and Sweetie a bigger draw for visitors.

    Better luck next year!

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