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Pandas at play

The zoo have a peculiar name for feeding the animals - it is called enrichment when the press are invited and maybe it marks a special birthday or anniversary.Now Edinburgh Zoo have filmed the...

Zoo hopeful over panda pregnancy

Edinburgh Zoo announced earlier today that they carried out an artificial insemination procedure on the female giant panda Tian Tian ('Sweetie') last weekend. This followed a drop in the female panda's hormone level during the...

Pandawatch begins – will it be third time lucky?

Yes it has started again. Following the delivery of the two giant pandas to Edinburgh Zoo there were high hopes that they would produce a cub. Sadly the first year that they were in...

Yang Guang’s 10th birthday celebrations planned for tomorrow

As the UK’s only male panda hits double digits tomorrow 14 August 2013, Edinburgh Zoo says it has many special treats planned in celebration, for the prospective father and visitors to the zoo. In the...

Roll up for your panda tickets!

As the giant pandas’ very first birthday celebrations on Scottish soil fast approach, Edinburgh Zoo has released giant panda viewing tickets for sale up to the 30th November 2012. Well over 300,000 people have flocked...

No panda cubs this year in Edinburgh

The latest news is that the pandas have not successfully mated this year. Edinburgh Zoo's spokesperson said a short time ago:- "Results in late last night saw a drop in Tian Tian’s hormones and then...

Pandas meet but are not yet matey

This has just come in :- Edinburgh Zoo is delighted to announce that giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang met for the first time this morning and then again several times this afternoon. Based on...

Pandas to arrive next weekend at Edinburgh Zoo

Following months of global anticipation and excitement, the arrival date for Scotland’s first pair of breeding giant pandas has been confirmed as Sunday 4 December.Tian Tian and Yang Guang are set to arrive in...


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