Local collaborative project about to get underway.

After months of hunting for local writing, directing, acting and theatre talent, the Edinburgh 10-Minuters project will be showcased at The Counting House for three nights this week. The project’s mission is simple: to bring together theatre enthusiasts from different youth theatre groups across Edinburgh to collaborate on short plays, with the aim of showcasing their work and talents to their peers and theatre professionals.

You may remember we reported on the project back in January. At that point the founder, Alex Clark, was looking for writers who had the chance to submit plays lasting 10 minutes long. After weeks of hard work and collaboration, the synopsis for the eight plays has been announced (see programme below) and there are details on the Facebook page for the event. All the plays have been written, directed and are acted by young people from around the city, including students from Edinburgh’s universities.

The show will run for three nights from this Thursday 22-24 March 2012  at the Counting House on West Nicholson Street. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are £4.50 (£3.50 conc) and can be purchased online.

THE BARBECUE by Andrew Wiles

Rik Hart, Marcus

Two flatmates’ vaguely substance-addled lives are shattered by the sudden and unlikely appearance of outdoor cooking equipment. Science is also discussed.

STANDARD CLASS by James Beagon

Rory Kelly, Marli Siu, Athina Kefalopolou, Nikki Cunningham

In a train, 70 years ago, a woman sits on a train, musing on a decision that tore her life apart.


Maria Kheyfets, Roz Ford, Jonathan Langley, Robyn Macrory-Beaumont, Oliver Giggins

Part family drama, part social commentary; the credit crunch as it affected students and graduates, set on the internet.

MODERN ART by James Macrae

Roz Ford, Chris Craig Harvey

Roger and Beth catch each other’s eyes in an art gallery; cue social awkwardness, art knowledge one-upmanship, commentary from inside their respective heads, and a curiously lifelike statue.

NHRF by Andrew Simpson

Rik Hart, Chris Craig Harvey, Emma Nevell

The future is clean, bright and hairless. Terry finds himself locked away for a sudden spurt of follicle growth, only to be confronted by a dark, dank and hairy shadow of the new forgotten underclass.

OCCUPIED by Rory Kelly

Tom Chick, Emma Nevell

Ted doesn’t expect his Mum to be back so early, and this particular get-up might be difficult to explain. Particularly the make-up.

OH MY GOD by Rhiannon Grist

Rory Kelly, Alexander Staniforth, Richard Rimmington

Two fishermen make a bold attempt at retrieving a carpenter turned motivational speaker (deceased) from his tomb. Then one of them has a divine plan, and things start to get religious.

THE THIRD PERSON by Mark Nicholls

Jack Robbins, Alexi Phillips, Robyn Macrory-Beaumont, Nikki Cunningham

A sheep disappears, intrigue follows. A crime of passion or premeditation? A little of both. The question remains, who is the third person?

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