A Penicuik group is the latest organisation to receive a cash boost from property company, Ross and Liddell.

Pentlands SWRI, a social group for women who meet on a monthly basis, has been awarded £200 from the company’s Community Bursary Scheme that was launched earlier this year.

With the vital funding, the members have purchased a portable sound system, which will make a huge difference to the group.

Janet Burke, vice president of Pentlands SWRI, said: “Pentlands WRI is just a small group of women and our financial situation is such that we could not afford expenditure on such equipment.

“The purchase of the portable PA system will now help with the sound system at all our meetings, as some members were having difficulty hearing some of our speakers.

“Looking to the future, we are confident that we can now attract new, and hopefully younger, women to swell our membership.

“We would like to convey our thanks to Ross and Liddell for its  generosity in enabling us to fulfil this task.”

Based in Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh, Ross and Liddell specialises in property management and maintenance, as well as providing a comprehensive range of residential and commercial services, including sales, lettings, surveying and insurance. Associate, Nic Mayall, recently met with the group to try out the new PA system.

He said: “Our aim when we set up the bursary scheme was to give non-profit groups in the area the opportunity to apply for financial support to help continue valuable work in the community. Pentlands SWRI is a prime example of this, providing women the opportunity to socialise with friends and share interests.

“I am delighted that Ross and Liddell could provide funding to purchase this new system, which will be of great benefit to the members. We wish them all the best for the future.”

Pentlands SWRI meet on the first Wednesday of each month in Penicuik Town Hall at 7pm.