‘Netwalking is the latest concept in business development which combines networking with walking – networking on the move!’

Netwalking Scotland, created by Edinburgh solicitor, Gavin Tosh, is a concept based on networking in an environment vastly different from the office: the great outdoors. Mixing business and fitness, the concept is, essentially, networking while walking. It aims to bring like-minded businesspeople together in a healthy and enjoyable context, with ‘no set agenda, no elevator pitches, no fry-ups or caffeine, no name badges and no room full of suits’.

The benefits of the idea are emphasised on the group’s website, namely that there is evidence that physical exercise is good for cardiovascular health, muscle tone and flexibility but also that walking has recently been shown to significantly boost brain health, from improving memory to learning ability to concentration to cutting your risk of stroke in half. Physical exercise in the form of walking is perhaps the easiest way to help your brain, and your physical health, at the same time.

For a membership fee of £35, all walks throughout the year are free. In Edinburgh and the Lothians area there will be 11 Friday afternoon netwalks per year, plus a minimum of six midweek evening netwalks during the Summer. Netwalkers also have access to the website’s community area where they can interact and connect with fellow netwalkers.

There are many positive reviews from current netwalkers, backing up the website’s claims that it is de-stressing and inspirational, and that hill-walking has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, improve self-esteeem and boost self-confidence. It clears the mind, encourages reflection and assist in the generation of new ideas. Most of the walks are dog-friendly too.

Vince Johnston of Jinja Ninja Productions said: “I have been a member of Gavin’s Netwalking group for a year and have found it to be one of the most holistic forms of Networking I’ve ever tried, combining the outdoors with friendly company, good exercise and the options of taking  photographs in fantastic scenery.  Netwalking has helped me to get to know my networking colleagues and improve business relationships too.  I recommend it and will continue to support this group.”