This week the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) visited the Gogar Tram Depot to see the construction so far. The Edinburgh Reporter was invited to send me along to report on progress.

And progress over the past three weeks has been very rapid indeed. There is a feeling of new energy in the air from the construction workers. Whilst no-one will give us an official finish date for the depot, off the record, there seems to be a consensus that the depot will be finished in December 2011.

When asked what would happen if The City of Edinburgh Council decided to cancel the entire project, Head of Public Affairs for tie, Mike Connolly, said that the council would have to demolish all tram structures and return the ground to its original condition. Most transport professionals in the visiting group felt that the project had gone past the point of no return, as the cost of cancellation would far exceed that of completion. The group was also given rare access to the tram control room, which once operational, will not be open to public access.

So it now seems to be full speed ahead on the construction