Photographs are one of our big loves at The Reporter. So today we bring you a photo with a question attached. Actually a couple of questions. This plane was sitting on the tarmac at Edinburgh Airport last night. Is it the official Iron Maiden plane? If so – why was it here? They are not due to play in Scotland for another couple of months and that is in Glasgow. So maybe they were here to show their support for one of the political parties campaigning this weekend? Or is it cover for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge…..

Lovely images of Saturday’s Beltane Festival here.

Firstlightwed shows off another photo of the castle here.

Somebody called Dan lives in Warriston……. according to the photo on Andy A’s Flickr photostream…..

Perhaps you have some Edinburgh photos? Then upload them to our Flickr Photostream please and share them with everyone else!

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