These may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The idea that someone has spent money in your name and has sponsored something worthwhile is perhaps not as good as the Jimmy Choos or the perfume you crave, but it is a “good” idea nevertheless.

The RSPB have a whole page devoted to the ideas they have come up with – from an albatross protection kit for £50 to sponsoring a magnificent Sumatran tiger. You can find out more here.

The idea of the albatross kit is to attach streamers to deep sea fishing lines to protect the birds against being caught up in them, which accounts for many deaths during the year.

Here is a wee video for you explaining more about the albatross:

But maybe you would prefer to look nearer to home and there are bird feeders and bird food for sale on the RSPB site too, which you could use to encourage the wildlife in the city and perhaps provide someone who is housebound with entertainment at their window?